Nuclear War

Nuclear War Looms

With Russia invading countries like Ukraine and Georgia, and China taking aggressive actions in the S. China Sea, it could just be a matter of time before someone flips the switch. It seems we may be in a better place than we were during the Cold War, but with the US and Europe slashing their military budgets the viability of the West using Nukes as a response to Russia or China increases.

Nuclear War It Really Could Happen!

Nuclear warfare isn’t an age-old warfare technology. In fact, nuclear warfare strategies developed by the military have only fairly recently, in the big scheme of things, become a potential reality. And it could really happen because we have the technology ready to go to MAKE it happen! Compared with other possible doomsday disasters, nuclear war has a very probability of actually happening since we have already used nuclear weapons twice in the past 70 years!

A Little On Nuclear Warfare History

To give you a little history of nuclear warfare and the technology surrounding it, two nuclear class bombs were dropped over Japan, code name Little Boy and Fat Man. The total death count was over 200,000 people upon detonation of the bombs. Also, after World War II, the Soviet Union, France, and the United Kingdom also developed nuclear weapons, further adding to the uncertainty that we may sometime be involved in another nuclear warfare catastrophe, only on a much grander scale.

Nuclear winter, also referred to as Atomic Winter, would be an inevitable after effect of a nuclear war. After dozens of nuclear bombs detonate, they would leave in their path a climactic change that lasts for months or even years after the nuclear event. Extreme cold weather and sustained periods without sunlight are just two of the inevitable effects of grand scale nuclear weapon detonation. Comets and asteroids have a similar impact on the climate and environment, but the worst part is we hold this power of death, destruction, and environmental disaster within reach of our military fist.

Catastrophes That CAN Happen Sometimes DO Happen!

Now think for a moment. If we hold the power to unleash a firestorm of nuclear radiation and widespread panic and chaos, don’t you think we should try and prepare ourselves in advance for warfare events that could happen without ANY prior warning? Most people would agree, that if something could happen, it might happen, and in some cases people would agree that it WILL happen, we just don’t know when yet.

In order to protect you and your most loved family members, you should have emergency supplies on hand to outlast the chaos that could open up around you in a widespread emergency situation. If you can survive for a sustained period with food, clean water, emergency clothing, and other supplies, you stand a much better chance of making it to safety, being rescued, and staying out of harms way.

Think A Volcano Is Dangerous? Its Nothing Compared To A Nuclear Weapon!

And here’s something to be aware of. When a volcano erupts, it emits massive amounts of sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases into the atmosphere. However, even with a volcanic emission rate 10x that of nuclear weaponry, it still doesn’t have an impact anything like what a nuclear bomb does. With a nuclear bomb, the climate completely changes due to the toxicity of the resulting explosion. That means reduced precipitation rates of up to 45% or more and a reduction in average temperatures reaching -20 degrees Fahrenheit for EXTENDED PERIODS. Months, even years of sustained sub-zero temperatures would lay waist to any form of edible food crop in its path!

Food shortages would be inevitable, and one of the major elements of a nuclear war would be starvation on a massive scale. So if you’re lacking emergency food supplies, and something like a nuclear skirmish breaks out on a grand scale, you’re not going to be able to make it to safety! Stocking up on prepper supplies would give you the time you need to put a safety plan into action and make it out of the situation alive and intact. Think smart, plan for the worst!

For more information on the effects of Nuclear War *, or you are just getting started prepping, Hot Prepper Supplies has more great information.

Are You Prepared For Another Large Scale Global Pandemic? This Truthful Article May Shock You!

For many years now, people have been talking about what would happen if another global pandemic were to occur. This kind of global catastrophe is already happening right now on a smaller scale with the AIDS virus, and has definitely happened in recent history with the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu. The 1918-1919 Spanish Flu, which was less than 100 years ago, infected over 500 million people across the globe and ended up killing 50-100 million of them. The death toll came to a total of 3-5% of the worlds population!

And if you want to talk about the most recent pandemic scares, you’ve probably heard of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus that was declared a national emergency by President Barack Obama. And although the H1N1 Swine Flu wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu and definitely not on the same scale as the tragic Black Death of Europe, it really made people aware and afraid that a deadly global pandemic could happen again at any time!

And, if you look at the global pandemic history of plagues and outbreaks, like me, you’ll logically come to the conclusion that being prepared for something like this in advance through stocking up on emergency supplies would actually be a wise idea. And to further inform you about what has happened throughout history, just take a look at this list of pandemics that have broken out and wiped out huge portions of the population:

Cholera Deaths in India between 1817 and 1860 are estimated to have exceeded 15 million persons. Another 23 million died between 1865 and 1917. In total, there has been 7 pandemics involving Cholera throughout recorded history. The last one, scarily enough, was in 1962-1966 in the USSR.

Influenza According to documented statistics, Influenza has quite a history with causing death and destruction on a mass scale. The very first recorded Influenza pandemic was in 1580. Since that time, there has been various forms of Influenza outbreak, as the virus comes in many forms. There has been the Russian Flu, which killed about 1 million people. There has been the Spanish Flu, which we mentioned above. Theres also been the Asian Flu and Hong Kong Flu, both of which were responsible for killing millions of people on a global scale.

Epidemic Typhus Also called camp fever, this disease killed millions in Russia between 1918-1922. Also during World War II, Typhus killed many within the Nazi concentration camps.

Smallpox During the 20th Century, smallpox was one of the biggest pandemics ever. The smallpox spread like wildfire and was responsible for killing 300-500 million people globally. Even as recently as the 1950s, cases of smallpox were occurring at a rate of 50 million people across the world each year! It has since been eradicated entirely thanks to government vaccination campaigns.

And that’s just the short list! There has been many other pandemics that have occurred throughout history: Measles, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and more! The chances of another massive pandemic becoming a reality is quite frighteningly and statistically probable!


The Time To Prepare Is Now

This page isn’t meant to frighten you, but the truth is the truth! The time to prepare for catastrophic situations is now! Not right after a catastrophe happens, because even the online stores will be completely sold out of survival gear. It makes the most sense to stock up on essential gear, food, and clothing now, so that if an emergency situation does happen in your life, you’ll be ready to face it head on!

Economic Collapse When!

Economic Collapse

Doesn’t it seem strange that America and other countries are so dependent on the dollar bill, gold, silver, and other precious metals? In all actuality, what purpose does gold really serve? Some people make the argument that we could totally do without gold, that it isnt an important part of American life, and that it should be done away with. This argument holds some modicum of truth, and we should be listening in the back of our minds to the little voice that says, This doesn’t make any sense!

The Great Depression Americas First Real Taste Of Economic Collapse

A severe economic depression has happened before in the United States. It was dubbed The Great Depression, and happened when the stock market crashed on September 4th, 1929. The day the stock market crashed was also known as Black Tuesday. During the Great Depression, international trade took a frightening nose dive by a mind boggling 50%. In the U.S. alone, unemployment rates rose to an all time high of 25%. And thats not all: Other countries dependent on the United States experienced an unemployment rate of 33% or higher.

One things for sure. The Great Depression was one of the most devastating economic events the United States has ever experienced. People should understand that anytime theres a flawed way of conducting business, there’s a possibility that things can go haywire and self-destruct. The economy is no different. Obviously, the economy is setup to function effectively, but its far from perfect. The next economic collapse could happen, for example, because things we used to value, we don;t value as much anymore. Its just an example scenario, but it really could happen!

Other Countries Were Majorly Effected By The Great Depression Too!

And it wasn’t just the U.S.A. that was affected by the Great Depression. Because of American involvement in overseas industries, trade, and business, overseas countries also felt the impact of what could have been a total meltdown and full economic collapse. While it went on during the 1930s and lasted for only a few short years, the impact it had on the many lives around the world was devastating. People lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood.

Are you prepared for a complete economic downfall? Having a few years worth of survival supplies isnt just a good idea, it could save your life! Think of the health and safety of your family. We all need to do our part to ensure our safety during hard times that may arise because the economy fails, or maybe something even worse!

While The Cats Away The Mice Will Play!

We as an American people always fall into the habit of downplaying possible emergency scenarios, and we don’t even pay them any mind. They get dismissed as hogwash or extremist nonsense and get forgotten about. But, with the history of American people getting into serious trouble, such as with deadly outbreaks of contagious disease, World War I and II, The Great Depression, and other notable disasters, it makes all the sense in the world to be PREPARED for any catastrophe that could occur in the future!

Make the decision for your family to plan for their safety and be prepared for emergency situations!